The Cutest Holiday Kimono  

Hi Friends, I have to share my latest fashion find! If you know me, you know I love a good kimono. I think they make every outfit look more fashionable. l bought this latest one on a whim from Amazon and it's perfect for the holidays. It goes with so many things and SEQUINS are perfect for the season. You can wear it with anything. I think of sequins (and leopard print for that matter) as a neutral. Dress it up or down, GET IT HERE! 

*Do read the size chart and size UP! I usually order XL and this is a 3XL

P.S. This contains an amazon affiliate link which means I may earn a commission if you decide to get this ahmazing sequin kimono :)

My top 10 Favorite Beauty Products 


Today I'm sharing my top 10 products I use EVERY time I have a show,photo shoot or important event (and most of them everyday too!)  Here's an album to stream while you read or while you get ready!


  1. My #1 can't live without it product is this Sorme Powder Foundation. I've been using it for a decade and it's the best. I never want to be without it. My shade is Pure Beige which can be hard to find so I buy it in the refills in bulk. It makes my skin look so velvety and smooth and doesn't settle into fine lines. Once you put this on you don't need a filter FR. (that means for real)
  2. I use these Ardell Lashes everytime I have photos taken. These are the most natural I've found and so easy to apply. The band is virtually seamless. I buy these in bulk but if you don't already have lash glue, this kit with the magnetic liner is great and even easier to apply! Just sometimes hard to find. (I'm sensing a theme here)
  3. If you have those annoying little flywaway hairs that spike up on the top of your head then this is for you! This Anastasia Clear Brow Gel is my secret weapon for taming those little babies and getting them to lay down and stay down (even in the midwest wind) Oh, and it works for brows too ;)
  4. Next up is an everyday staple for me. NYX Banana Setting Powder (yes, I sang the Gwen Stefani song so I could spell BANANA) I actually use this as my contour highlight color. I don't like shimmery highlights, they tend to make my pores stand out and they never give you enough of a matte highlight in the sets. This is super affordable but a little hard to find at times. I buy it in bulk. 
  5. FAVE CONTOUR! Make Up by Mario Contour Stick. This is so easy to use and throw in a bag. I love the cream version and IT HAS A BRUSH (kind of like when a dress has POCKETS!) My color is light medium and I don't think they sell it on amazon. I buy it at my local sephora, here's a link! 
  6. I probably should have started here as this is a pre getting ready prodcut but GUA SHA. Seriously do this with a light oil before putting on your makeup (if you're really dedicated do it the 2 weeks to a month leading up to your photos or event) It really helps define your jaw and cheekbones and lift those eyebrows and smooth away those angry 11's. I don't do botox or fillers so I need all the help I can get. My absolute fave is this one by wildling. It's the best stone, perfect size and weight and has all the right edges you need to smooth. I could gush about them forever. I even have a discount code (Ashley10) if you buy it from their website but I've linked it HERE on amazon as well. BTW, I think their oil is the best and really does help firm and sculpt more than a basic one so if you don't have one you already use, I highly recommend this kit with the stone, oil and tonic. They also send you emails telling you how to use the gua sha if you sign up for their email. 
  7. Speaking of not getting botox, I use Frownies every night on my 11's. I travel with them and sometimes I wear one before a photo shoot in the am before I get ready. If I'm lazy and forget to do it, I can tell. WORTH IT!
  8. Last pre-product that I should have started with… I'm obsessed with this VICHY 89 Hyaluronic Serum. It's the last thing I put on BEFORE makeup. I use any moisturizers and creams and then add this. It helps lock all those products in and plumps your skin with moisture making it appear smoother and fuller. 
  9. We can't forget about hairspray! When I'm working behind the chair I always say that I don't feel like I'm finished unless I use it. I'm currently loving this WOW Firm + Flexible hairspray. I honestly don't think you can use too much. Someone probably could but they would have to try really hard. It holds your hair in place but it still moves, which is great. Helmet hair is out ;) *If you really need more hold I do also heart Pureology Lock it Down. It's not helmet-y but it's a bit more serious. 
  10. Last one - this one you have to get at Target or online but my fave mascara these days is Pixi Lash Boost Mascara. I have long lashes naturally but they are light brown and go straight down so even when I curl them they don't always stay… BUT this mascara does the trick. It holds them in place, goes on smoothly with no clumps and really defines and lengthens my lashes!  I love it! 
  11. Small business bonus - When all is said and done my favorite thing to remove all that makeup is this pre-cleanse oil by Skin X Erin. ( use code AshleyRiley10 for 10% off) It takes off all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Most days I use the pre-cleanse oil and massage it in for about a minute to get all the makeup loose and then add a little scoop of this Primal Super Fine Facial Scrub and rinse. Exfoliated and clean in 1 and a half-ish steps!

I hope you enjoyed my best of beauty round up! I use each and every one of these products. My Amazon cart said I’ve ordered Frownies 8 times and the powder 13 lol. I must mention that this blog does contain affiliate links which means that if you use them I may earn a commission if you purchase because, let's be honest I'm not getting rich off of Spotify streaming! (seriously, stream that playlist ;) and share it!) Happy photo taking!